displays, displaying, displayed
1) VERB If you display something that you want people to see, you put it in a particular place, so that people can see it easily.

[V n] Among the protesters and war veterans proudly displaying their medals was Aubrey Rose...

[V n] The cabinets display seventeenth-century blue-and-white porcelain.

N-UNCOUNT: oft on N
Display is also a noun.

Most of the other artists whose work is on display were his pupils or colleagues.

2) VERB If you display something, you show it to people.

[V n to n] She displayed her wound to the twelve gentlemen of the jury...

[V n] The chart can then display the links connecting these groups.

3) VERB If you display a characteristic, quality, or emotion, you behave in a way which shows that you have it.

[V n] It was unlike Gordon to display his feelings...

[V n] He has displayed remarkable courage and bravery in his efforts to reform the party.

N-VAR: oft N of n
Display is also a noun.

Normally, such an outward display of affection is reserved for his mother.

4) VERB When a computer displays information, it shows it on a screen.

[V n] They started out by looking at the computer screens which display the images...

[V n] Using the option to display only text speeds things up a lot.

5) N-COUNT: oft N of n A display is an arrangement of things that have been put in a particular place, so that people can see them easily.

...a display of your work...

She was leaning against a display case of prints of Paris.

6) N-COUNT: with supp A display is a public performance or other event which is intended to entertain people.

...the firework display.

...gymnastic displays.

...the Royal Air Force Red Arrows display team.

7) N-COUNT: usu sing The display on a computer screen is the information that is shown there. The screen itself can also be referred to as the display.

A hard copy of the screen display can also be obtained from a printer.

...obscure error messages appearing on the display.


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